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Te Reo Irirangi o Raukawa

Community Notices

Raukawa FM are able to promote community information on Social Media and On-Air.

If you're organizing a not-for-profit community event, contact our Office:
Phone: (07) 886 0127
Email: office

All information must be provided to and only our Office.
Please provide all information as necessary.

A selection of these will be passed on to our On-Air Show Hosts and possibly posted on our Social Media.
Pre-recorded community information bulletins played throughout the day will be dependant on our programme/schedule as we have Maori Hours allocated to certain times of the day.

You can also talk to us about an on-air interview, though these cannot be allocated to certain hours including our Maori Hours on-air.

For additional marketing opportunities, or if your event falls outside of our not-for-profit promotion, we welcome you to contact us to find out how we can advertise your activities to our diverse listenership.

Once the information has been provided and all communications finalized, it will be delivered to certain On-Air Hosts & Production which will then be promoted to the public (On-Air, Social Media).

Nga Mihi,
Raukawa FM